Five Star Office Coffee Service

Dissatisfied with the quality and selection of the many national brand coffees, we created our own. In October of 1999 Five Star introduced its own line of gourmet coffees to rave reviews. Our Five Star Coffees are 100% Colombian and have an aroma and flavor sure to win over the most discriminating coffee drinkers. We have since added Harvest Ridge as a means of expanding our product offerings. Harvest Ridge is a brand that has been able to live up to our high expectations of quality and freshness and we are happy to carry it in addition to our own premium brand. Please contact Terry Francis to ask about samples.

Five Star Coffees are only available through Five Star Vending, Manhattan only locally owned and operated office coffee service.

House Blend A special blend of select Colombian and Brazilian 100% Arabica beans, medium-dark roasted to produce a memorable taste.

House Blend Decaffeinated the same great taste of the house blend without the caffeine

Breakfast Blend A combination of beans from Papua New Guinea and Mexico provide this blend with its heavy bodied, but smooth and mellow flavor. Breakfast Blends eye-opening aroma is a great way to start any day. 

Other blends available by special order. Ask your Five Star Coffee representative for details.
Premium, Open Brew Coffee
All varieties are 100% Arabica Bean blends packed 42 packs per case and include filters.

Light Roast A blend of Central and South America beans, cinnamon roasted. Mellow in body, rich in flavor with a slight snap of acidity.

Light Roast Decaffeinated The same great taste of Light Roast without the caffeine.

Medium Roast A blend of Central and South America beans, roasted to a Vienna Roast giving a complex, full bodied taste with a hint of smoky flavor. Great aroma and sweet after taste.

French Roast Italian Roasted, Ebony colored oily beans with sharp flavors of dark roasted nuts and a distinct smoky flavor.

Colombian Supremo South American specialty with a fine, mild and satisfying flavor. A rich full bodied taste with a slight snap of acidity.

Extreme Blend Brazilian beans, dark roasted and infused with 50% more caffeine extract giving it a bold mouth feel and heavy body. Great coffee taste and twice the caffeine.

Hazelnut and French Vanilla Flavored coffee available on special order request.